• Adelina Gonzales

Why I switched to Print On Demand

When I first started pursuing selling my artwork on more of a full time basis I was branding as one of kind art work. I pushed for everything to be completely original. This worked well for a short time but as the economy has shifted and the housing market has completely changed customers were shopping differently too. I shifted to smaller & more affordable works of art. While I have dabbled in print on demand for many years, it wasn't until Covid 19 hit that it forced me to expand on what I was already doing. But the main reason I have been pushing to sell my art through print on demand is it allows me the time to actually create. Printing, packing, & shipping is more work that I can do as one person. Redbubble & Threadless both handle all of that for me and any customer service concerns. Now I know that removes me from the picture when it comes to quality control but I feel my best way to share my artwork is to actually create. Until we can get covid under control I do not plan to be part of any in person shows. I have also worked for many years to switch my artwork to predominantly digital. This goes hand in hand with on demand printing as it's direct to consumer. I don't have to worry about photographing or scanning my artwork, editing, & then printing. Streamlining all of this allows me more room to breathe creatively. I appreciate all the support I have across all platforms & to all those that support me on my art journey.

Both my Threadless & Redbubble shops can be found here:

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