• Adelina Gonzales

What inspires me?

For the people that have been following me for some time, you may already know the answer. But, for anyone that may not know or anyone that has just found my work for the first time the answer is MUSIC! Most of my artwork titles are song titles or song lyrics. I listen to music when I create, or when I am doing just about anything. I can thank this love of music to my parents. Both had a deep love for all genres and never hesitated to have music playing long before I was born. I saw countless concerts with them as a kid and it was no surprise I myself would end up working in the music industry. Most of my artwork radiates with other music lovers due to the recycled nature of most of my works. Whether it's an abstract piece or a portrait of a musician, music radiated through every single piece. You can find a playlist of music that has inspired me on my website.

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