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Thunderstorm Artis

I first was introduced to Thunderstorm Artis because of the TV show The Voice. Now before you judge, yes I love shows like this especially for the auditions. I have been introduced to some amazing talent even if they didn't get on the show or win. Thunderstorm is one of those talented vocalists that deserves so much more. He has the coolest fucking name! Yes that is his real name not a stage name. His vocals have such a smooth & silky grit that I can't even begin to describe in words. He did a couple covers on the show that could easily some of my favorite covers of all time. Including Ella Fitzgerald's version of Summertime.

He only has a handful of tracks on streaming platforms. Today (12/1/2020) I woke up to a post that he had finally dropped a new song. His newest track "The Prayer" is such a beautiful showcase of his vocal range. It's definitely a song you want to listen to a few times on first listen. I cannot wait to see what his future in music holds. Be sure to listen to his EP titled "Haunted". His songwriting will pluck on your heart strings the same way he plucks his guitar strings.

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