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Theater of the Mind Review

I was honored to be able to get an advanced viewing of the new immersive experience from David Byrne and The Denver Center For The Performing Arts. Now I can’t go into too much detail without giving anything away but I will say this. If you are into mind teasers, neuroscience, immersive art installations, or interactive theater then this is for you. I will admit being the person I am and reading the website I was a little scared to not be in control of anything. They warn you that if you have any food allergies you should not partake in the food portion which made me question everything before I even arrived. They do ask you to lock up your belongings, phones, and any items that light up. I will say that while it seems like an inconvenience it is definitely worth it. One of the things made me a little nauseated which thankfully was not so bad that I had to end my journey. This is a very unique and fun experience with many different levels so trust me when I say go in with the willingness to play and let loose. I was very impressed that as a glasses wearer I could participate in everything without any sort of issue. Also, depending on your time slot, ensure you arrive early enough to get into the venue. Parking can make for a pretty far walk depending on the time of day. This whole experience made me feel enlightened and question my perception of reality. It was a lot of fun and I truly felt like a kid again in so many moments. The creators and builders of this install spared no detail and it is so easy to get lost in just the props and lighting. The story was very interesting and helped your emotions shift along with the installations. Even with a group of people it still felt like a very individual experience. If you get a chance to check this out drop me a line and let me know what you think.

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