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Richard Orofino - Spell

This guy popped up in my FYP* on TikTok in late 2019 early 2020 because of his amazing covers of current hits in an 80's style. I was hooked instantly to his sound. He just had an ear for music that I have truly missed.  I followed him immediately and I will admit I watched some of his TikToks over and over again. He plays a ridiculous amount of instruments and is crazy talented plus he has worked with Twista through the Redbull Studio Sessions. But enough about that, I want to talk about his album Spell. The whole album is just a vibe. I really can't tell you who his vocals remind me of other than he sounds like he stepped right out of the 80's and into 2020. I love that the album is a beautiful blend of R&B and 80's pop. I don't normally love the sound of certain instruments being run through a garbage disposal but he somehow found the most beautiful balance of filters with his vocals. After hearing it and the way every track is assembled I couldn't imagine it any other way. The track "Rather Die" is a beautiful ballad ready to be the soundtrack to a movie. Where is my boombox? Let's go for a drive! The melodies, guitar riffs, & synth sounds throughout this album are simply mesmerizing and catchy. Richard Orofino has such beautiful vocals and his runs makes me want to hear him sing just about anything. :) Glad I am able to do that via his TikTok.   

Favorite Tracks:

Rather Die

Be With You

Here is a link to his TikTok where you have to listen to the 80s rendition of The Raven. Yes Edgar Alan Poe. :) I am also a sucker for his Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar song 🤣🤣

*FYP - For You Page for you non TikTok-ers lol 😁 is basically the main page of videos that TikTok thinks you will like.

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