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Plastic Hearts

I have been absolutely obsessed with Miley Cyrus' music this year. Why? Mostly because I have been loving all music that has really steered into the 80s energy but more because I feel Miley Cyrus has FINALLY embraced the grit in her vocals in a way that truly feels perfect for her tone.

I was not at all surprised to see Ryan Tedder's name in the credits for a few songs on this album. He is not only my favorite modern vocalist but he produces hit after hit.

I was however surprised to see Billy Idol Stevie Nick's & Joan Jett as featured artists. Mostly because since "Midnight Sky" dropped I have been wishing for multiple collabs, covers, & remixes.

The whole album doesn't flow as well as I hoped. But this is 2020 and not actually the 80s! 🤣🤣 Most people are not me. Yes I STILL listen to albums from beginning to end.

I want to get back to the grit in her vocals. I completely understand that Miley wanted to create her own path & get away from country. But if you have ever heard her cover of Jolene you might question why she didn't go that route. I think she could have been extremely successful in that genre. But she was more drawn to the pop music. Maybe that was partially the record label but I never felt it was a great choice for her vocal tone. Her vocal grit would slightly come through over the years and it drove me crazy. I always wanted more!

So the resurrection of 80s music in this way is absolutely perfect for her. I cannot wait to hear what she does next. Let that grit shine through girl!

Favorite tracks:

Midnight Sky

WTF Do I Know

Plastic Hearts

Prisoner (ft Dua Lipa)

Night Crawling (ft Billy Idol)

I am hoping Tidal gets the master version of this album soon so I can really dig deeper into the production.

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