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Joseph of Mercury - Wave II

With my latest obsession of the 80s style of music & production making a "comeback" I just had to include Joseph of Mercury. I cannot remember how or where I first heard his music. Possibly suggested on Tidal or when I was digging through similar artists. His song Pretenders is what hooked me in. Not only his deep tone but the production of his music is just catchy. This album is no different. The first track is way more jazzy & his vocals made me yearn for a collaboration with Mayer Hawthorne. It wasn't until the 4th track "Keep You Around" where it really got back into that deeper vocal range that I love so much. Next comes "STOP" and the build up to a funky soul type ballad that made me ready to listen to some classic Motown tracks. This is definitely a song I would love to see performed live. I have a feeling this will get some heavy rotation through my headphones in new year. The last track "KYR 1960" is interesting for my personal tastes. It's like a mesh of a folk song & a 60's psychedelic vibe. Which is obviously extremely fitting for the title lol. It's actually the same song as Track 1 "Keep You Around". I absolute love the lyrics but neither version really does it for me. I hope he releases another version of it. Maybe a different year? How about 1985 ? lol just kidding. All his music kind of ebbs and flows for me. I either love a song or just don't vibe with it. I do think that speaks volumes to his vocal range and the genres that he can fall into. All of his music is well made and I love that you could literally mix his songs into any of your playlists because of his diverse style.

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