• Adelina Gonzales

Happy 303 Day

Normally I do a little giveaway of my Colorado-themed artwork. This year I decided not to go my traditional route and just create some new work. Over the last year, I have created about a dozen designs that represent this city and state. Including 2 that were chosen for display on utility boxes along Colfax Ave. There was a time when I didn't want to face the change and gentrification our city has endured. I avoided doing Colorado-themed artwork for many years. It wasn't until I was regularly displaying artwork in Denver's Sante Fe Art District that I became aware of how many of us were watching the changes of this city first hand. It was like we found a way to connect in a sea of "outsiders". We realized that we were still here and took the Colorado Flag and other State symbols into our own hands to represent our amazing state. Now in 2021, it's amazing to see how many people really do love it here. So I hope you enjoy all of the different representations of this lovely city and state as I do.

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