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First Post Who Dis?

I am Adelina Gonzalez aka That5280Lady. Most know me as a visual artist using recycled materials. Some may know me from my days from DJing or working in the concert industry.

That 52 80 Lady pictured wearing a purple striped shirt & glasses.
Photo of That5280Lady wearing "Purple Serape" design.

All of which inspires my artwork and everything I am. I am not a great writer, I am not even a good writer, but I don't care. :)

2020 has really forced me to look more at the things I enjoy but have just felt it wasn't the best choice for me. Writing is one of those things. So if you are looking for a great writer with perfect spelling and grammar.... I'M NOT IT. If you want to read about the music that inspires my work than you have come to the right place.


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